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At Funky Fries and Burgers, we're not just a restaurant โ€“ we're a culinary adventure. Founded with a passion for reimagining the classics, we've carved out a unique space where nostalgia and innovation collide. Our journey began with a simple belief: that fries and burgers, when crafted with care and creativity, can transcend expectations. With each hand-cut fry and meticulously crafted burger, we pay homage to the timeless appeal of these comfort foods while infusing them with a fresh and funky spirit. Our commitment to quality drives us to source the finest local ingredients, ensuring that every bite bursts with flavor. As a team of food enthusiasts, we invite you to indulge in the symphony of tastes, colors, and textures that define Funky Fries and Burgers โ€“ a place where tradition meets imagination on every plate.


They said!

Funky's hands down our favorite local burger place. First off the service is always friendly. I won't lie; It might not be the fastest because it's busy, but you'll always get a smile and feel like it's home. Their burgers are epic. They are loaded and dripping with all sorts of crazy goodness, my personal favorite is the one with the fried mac & cheese ball on top healthy no but definitely worth the calories. Regardless, if you want just a regular old cheeseburger, orI wanna go for it, you won't be disappointed. They're french fries are equally as bananas; my favorite, one of those is the buffalo chicken . Yum.Let's get to the heart of the matter; milkshakes. There are quite literally no words, and they are entire meals in themselves. I love the fact that you can custom blend a shake. their funky shakes are pieces of art add a special treat whatever life needs one. added bonus. They serve beer! Perfect for those days where you just need a burger and a cold beer.

โ€“ Jessica G


Talk about consistency!!! I used to be a patron of their location on Jamacha. I would frequently go to Funky Fries at that location, (which I found out today is as permanently closed) and that location only. Went there dozens of times before moving to LA in 2019. The food is exactly how I remember it. Fresh produce, fresh bun, and the same tasty/spicy Diablo sauce. It's nice to know that after years and the closing of a location that Funky Fries didn't change. Highly recommend.

โ€“ Brianna A


I was in the mood for smothered fries and these were 10/10 easily. They were delivered and I worried they would be stale but the fries were perf crunchy and the toppings were so good!

โ€“ Amanda O


LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE! The food is SO BOMB! We got like twenty different things and all shared and every single thing was good. Sure it took a while to come out, but they were busy and we place a huge order. Waitresses and waiter were all super nice and brought us everything we asked for. It was packed so we had to sit outside and it was cold, but that didn't stop us! Diablo burger is insanely good. So cool that you can add fried macaroni pattie's onto your burgers. AND THE TATER TOT-FRIES MASHUPS ARE SO GOOD!

โ€“ Scarlett H


"Do you love burgers?!? Cause I don't and they completely won me over! Just wow! Smoking hot literally! Better than expected! This is coming from NOT a burger girl!..."

โ€“ Juliana C.


Great burgers. Such a good selection and made to order. So be patient and grab a brew. Highly recommend this place.

โ€“ Raf B


The best burgers and fries in San Diego. Maybe anywhere. Highly recommended. My whole family loves it.

โ€“ Randall K


Been coming here since they opened in '15 but it's been a hot minute since my last visit. Got the Bacon Mac & Cheese burger. It's a burger with a deep fried Mac & cheese patty. It was delicious esp with a since of seasoned waffle fries. Everyone there were super friendly. While waiting for our burgers the homie and I talked to the crew at FF about New Orleans food and basket ball. The restaurant itself was clean and kinda set up like an old school diner. Even though they were packed and super busy they got food out fast n fresh.

โ€“ Jose N


Fire!!! This was my first time here and it was nothing short of amazing!!! Glad I picked this spot on a humbug today.

โ€“ Carlos R.


I'm glad we found a new burger/fries place. It's very good. I had Philly cheese steak fries and it's the bomb! Everything is perfect and big portion too. The meat inside is very tender. Also the burger is great and meat is juicy. Chicken tender is good option for kids and it's good. Burger and fries cannot go without some good shake. Chocolate shake is great. I like that they have dine in and also drive thru option. Also, there are 3 kiosk machines that you can order. Great customer services, the place inside is cozy. Will definitely come back here.

โ€“ Quynh N.